‘A dedicated and professional makeup artist with a passion for all things creative! Competent in producing high-quality flawless content that is original, informative and on-brand while keeping it fun and engaging. Shonagh uses social media as a platform to share her tips, tricks and techniques to teach viewers a wide range of media makeup from beauty to SFX.’


  • "The team absolutely loved the look and really appreciate your hard work again!"

    Simple Skincare Brand
  • “We loved working with Shonagh on our recent campaign and look forward to working with her again!”

    Maybelline Brand
  • “I’ve only just found your channel, I’ve learned more from watching 3 of your videos than 300 of other YouTubers."

    Dannii Subscriber
  • “Omg. I loved watching your video! The makeup and the way you explain things is so nice!”

    Desi Perkins YouTuber
  • “AMAZING! I’m speechless! XOXO"

    NikkiTutorials YouTuber
  • "I had an opportunity to collaborate with Shonagh on a number of projects, and ever since we first worked together I think it is incredible what she does, and I strongly believe that she is the far most talented and skilled make-up artist I have ever come across. "

    Konstantin Suslov Photographer
  • 'I’m privileged to work with Shonagh on a regular basis.  She is the most creative MUA I’ve ever worked with. She has an artistic background that brings amazing results on every shoot. Her attention to detail and ability to either plan looks in advance or work totally off the cuff is unrivalled. I can’t recommend her talents highly enough.

    Martin Higgs Photographer
  • "Shonagh is a not just a Makeup Artist she is an artist, her craft is her passion and you can see how much love she has for it by the quality of her work! She understands briefs and always delivers more then I could imagine! I love working with her, she is a pleasure to create magical creations with and also natural looks"

    Joey Bevan Designer & Stylist, Britains Next Top Model

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